Thiết Bị NDT giá TỐT NHẤT Việt Nam

Thiết Bị NDT giá TỐT NHẤT Việt Nam

JITAI9103 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

JITAI9103 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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JITAI9103 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Measuring Range (mm):0 ~15000mm
Channels: 500
Frequency Range (MHz):0.5 ~20MHz
Material Velocity (m/s): 100~20000m/s
Vertical Linearity Error: ≤3%
Horizontal Linearity Error: ≤0.1%
Sensitivity Leavings: ≥62dB

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*Automated calibration、Automated gain

*DAC、AVG、TCG、B scan、B color scan、AWS

*High-speed capture and very low noise

*High contrast viewing of the waveform from bright

*Powerful pc software and reports can be export to excel



*Automated display precise flaw location(Depth d、level p、distance s、amplitude、sz dB、ф);

*Automated switch three staff gauge ((Depth d、level  p、distance s);

*Automated calibration of transducer Zero-point, Angles, Front edge and material Velocity;

*Convenient to make and use DAC、TCG and AVG to evaluate the echo, the curve can be modified and compensated

*6dB DAC functions;

*500 independence setup, any criterion can be input freely, we can work in the scene without test block;

*Big memory of 500 A graph;

*Automated gain and gain scan;

*Peak Hold and Peak Memory;

*B scan;

*AWS D1.1

*Automated make video of test process and play; use upan,the length of video is unlimited.

*Powerful pc software and reports can be export to excel;

*Li battery, continue working time up to 12 hours;

*The embeded software can be online updated;


Other assistant function:

*Display freeze;

*Automated echo degree;

*Angles and K-value;  

*Lock and unlock function of system parameters;

*Electronic clock calendar ;  

*Two gates setting and alarm indication;

*Gate and DAC alarm;



*Measuring Range (mm):0 ~15000mm

*Channels: 500

*Frequency Range (MHz):0.5 ~20MHz

*Material Velocity (m/s): 1000 ~9999m/s

*Vertical Linearity Error: ≤3%

*Horizontal Linearity Error: ≤0.1%

*Sensitivity Leavings: ≥62dB

*Dynamic range: ≥32dB

*Resolving Power: ≥36dB

*Gain (dB): 0 ~110dB

*Measurement Mode: Single、Dual、Thru

*Reject: 0~80%

*Pulse Displacement (μs): -20 ~+3400

*Zero (μs): 0.0 ~99.99

*Port Type:  Lemo 00(C5)

*Operating Temperature (℃): -20~70

*H*W*D(mm): 245*155*55

*Weight (kg):1.18(with battery)


Standard Configration:

*Main Body                           1

*Straight Beam Probe            1  

*Angle Probe                         1

*Machine-probe Cable          2

*Power Adapter (Charger)      1

*Data proceeding Software    1

*USB communication Cable   1

*Manual                                1

*Instrument Case                  1

*Guarantee Card                   1

*Packing List                         1

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