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EK2000 Portable series

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eddy current testing system

The EK2000 series multi-channel detector features digital, intelligent and highly integrated features. The system integrates an independent 1-4 channel (optional) eddy current detection host.

  It has powerful detection function, experimental function, good stability, high performance-to-noise ratio, and can expand a variety of practical application functions. The system adopts the most advanced microcomputer electronic technology, DSP digital processing technology and FPGA technology to develop and design. Based on the system detection platform, the detection signal and data can be shared in multiple aspects, and the functions of data acquisition, output, analysis, storage, and reading are intelligently processed.

  Powerful software features include parameter storage, data storage, report analysis, statistics and more.

◆  It can be equipped with coils of various structures with low clearance requirements (the selection of probes can be completely determined according to the user's testing requirements), and it can flexibly and quickly customize various high-performance and cost-effective detection probes (point type). , flat, inner wear, outer wear, saddle, rotary sweep, sorting and other probes).

◆  The instrument is simple, reasonable and intuitive to operate, and various detection functions are flexible.

◆  A wider frequency can detect any solid metal workpiece.

◆  Optional 8 frequency material sorting module, the software can display a single channel 8 frequency sorting work interface.

◆  Optional statistical monitoring results software, more suitable for on-site inspection.

Quickly switch between Chinese and English with one button, and quickly customize multi-language packs.

  Equipped with a long battery life battery, it can work 8H outdoors.

  The system can be widely used in nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgy, university teaching, automation enterprises, auto parts manufacturing, various laboratories and other industries

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Technical specification 

◆  Detection channel: 4 (sustainable expansion as needed)

◆  Frequency range: 10 Hz~12MHz, continuously adjustable; multiple independent frequencies, single frequency, 8 frequency options (up to 16 software frequencies per channel);

  The system is based on WINDOWS development, and the system is permanently upgraded for free;

  Gain range: 0.0dB~99.0dB continuously adjustable, stepping: 0.1dB; fine-tuning, fast increase/decrease;

Gain ratio: (X/Y) 0.1~10.0; continuously adjustable, fine-tuning, fast increase/decrease;

  Signal to noise ratio ≥10dB (up to 30db);

  Phase rotation: 0~360° continuously adjustable, stepping: 1;

  Adjustable probe drive (excitation) level: 1 to 16 ;

  Filter coefficient:0-30000;

Adjustable detection range, ie maximum measurement value: 10~10000, step 1;

  Hardware amplification factor: 1dB ~ 32dB continuously adjustable, step: 1dB;

  Multiple excitation modes: DP/DI; can be configured with differential, absolute and various custom probes。

  Probe abnormal alarm function (viewing model)

  Fast digital balance

  The solid line and blanking display modes are flexible and optional;

  Blanking display coefficient: 1 ~ 400;

◆  Digital filtering: low-pass (0Hz ~ 2000Hz) high-pass (0Hz ~ 2000Hz); using a unique "digital filtering" to effectively suppress the on-site interference signal, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the detection;

Stability: 16 hours ≦ 2dB

  The utility model has the function of cutting off the end and end tail signals, and effectively controlling the end dead zone of the end end;

◆  The alarm duration can be adjusted: 10ms~60000ms, stepping 1ms;

  Missing rate: ≤ 0%, false positive rate (falsely judged as a non-conforming product by mistake) ≤ 1%;

  Provide accurate and timely feedback signals to the defect parts, and perform inkjet marking, marking position, length, etc. (requires peripheral support);

◆  Automatically record the number of defects and their locations;

◆  With delay marking, fixed length marking, delay alarm and other functions;

◆  Flexible internal and external clock selection

  Marking accuracy up to ≤±10mm (requires peripheral support, depending on detection speed, requirements);

  Real-time software/hardware output alarm, multiple alarm window modes (circular, square, fan-shaped, custom type), with alarm, pre-alarm function, and can output signals separately;

◆ Non-equal amplitude, asymmetric phase alarm zone setting

◆  Multiple display modes: impedance, time base, A\B sweep, 8 frequency sorting, analog 3D display (depending on model selection);

◆ With a unique time base alarm reference line, more intuitive detection data display.


  Real-time software/hardware alarm, multiple alarm window modes (circular, square, fan-shaped, custom type) with alarm and pre-alarm function

◆  Non-equal amplitude, asymmetric phase alarm zone setting;

◆  Multiple display modes: impedance, time base, A\B sweep, 8 frequency sorting, analog 3D display (depending on model selection);

◆  Can store a large number of various detection programs and test data;

◆  The eddy current signal playback extension function can measure the amplitude, phase and digital value of the defect;

  Cartesian coordinate system and polar coordinate system background selection;

Automatically form test reports (including the number of tests, test personnel, test parameters, number of pass and number of non-conformities, etc.) that require peripheral support;

  One-click switching between Chinese and English operating languages, no need to install an operating system or online help;

  Working environment: Power supply: AC 220V/110V;

  Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ +45 ° C, storage temperature: -20 ° C ~ +50 ° C, relative humidity: ≤ 85%;

  The cross-sectional view of the in-service pipeline, the rank of the pipe to be inspected, and the eddy current detection signal (optional) can be displayed on the same screen;

  Grading the cross section of the pipeline to form an overview of the eddy current inspection of the in-service pipeline (optional);

  Grading statistical test results (table and histogram display) to facilitate cumulative analysis of test results (optional);

  Automatic calendar, time display

  Working environment: Power supply:AC 220V/110V;Working temperature:-10℃~+45℃、相对湿度:≤85%;

  High performance battery life 8H.

  Appearance size and weight:400*340*110mm (L*W*H)、Weight:5kg。

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